Thursday, January 17, 2013

TENDJEWBERRYMUD ( thank you very much)

  Aslkum hye uolls...

HAHa kelakar sangat bila akma bace buku 'LAUGHTER,the best malaysian' author David Tong nie...hilang semua segala permasalahan dan terhibur terus...  


act,xtau nak buat reaksi ape..haha (muka agakla kelakar.)

alkisahnyer...nak kongsi 1 cite lucu kat dalam buku tu...tentang telepon conversation between a hotel guest and room service...

                                             Room Service  :  Morny, ruin sorbes.

                          Guest : Sorry, i thought i dialled room service

                                                      R S :  Rye, ruin sorbes! Morny ! Djewish to ordor sun teen ?

                                          G   :  Ah yes. i'd like some sausages, toast and eggs.

R S : How July dunn ?

                                                          G : What?

                              R S : How July dunn? Pry, boy or pooch ?

                                                       G  :  Oh, the eggs! How do i like them? Scrambeld please.

                      R S :  Ow July dee soarass....crease?

     G :  Crisp will be fine.

    R S :  Hokay. An santos?
                                                          G :  What??

     R S : Santos. July santos?

G : I don't think so.

R S : No? Judo one toes?

                                                  G : I feel really bad, but i don't know what 'judo one toes' means.

                                                   R S : Toes! Toes! Why dju Don Juan toes? Ow bow Singlish mopping we bother?

                                                     G : English Muffins? I've got it. You were saying 'toast" and English Muffins would be fine.

R S : Copy?

G : Sorry?

R S : Copy...tea....mill?

G : Coffee please, and that's all.

R S : One minnie, asruin torino fee, strangle ache, crease baychem, tossy Singlish mopping, we bother honey sigh, and copy....

G : We bother what? You mean with butter! Thanks!

R S : Tendjewberrymud

G : You're welcome.

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