Friday, February 01, 2013

Wrong Number - Friday Joke!! ^o^ lalalala

Assalammualaikum w.b.t   

  friday joke today for all of u..!!^o^ by David Tong owner of LAUGHTER, the  Best Malaysian books..

One day,I found Sham, my four -year old son, with the telephone which he quickly hung up when he saw me.

"what were you doing with the telephone?" I asked him

"Calling Auntie Sara," he said 

" How could you have called Auntie Sara?" I asked . " You don't even know her number."

" Yes I do, and I did call her," little Sham replied.

I wasted a lot of breath trying to convince him that he didn't know her number, but he insisted that he had made the call.

"Okay," I said finally.
"What did she say then, if you called her?"

"She told me I had the wrong number!" Sham answered.

~ thanks for reading this joke ~

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