Thursday, February 21, 2013

' Shitty Day ' by Soko


 hi...da berapa hari akma tak post entry,
so today, akma nak bagi lyrics sape yang suke lagu nie.. akma suke sangat lagu nie sebab dye santai dan coollll beb... everyday akma listening this song taw...yeye ooo jer kau kan akma..^o^

Shitty Day by Stephanies Sokolinski
nak tau lebih dekat tanyer En Google yer...hehe
nak dengar 'click play' video dah akma letakkan dlm blog ini..


     I hate myself today, I don't know what's happening to me
I hate my face today, I think I look so shitty
I have some spot everywhere
and I'm not even shaved.

My hair all greasy, I look disgusting
My eyes are glued, My lips are chapped
My legs are prickling
and plus I'm stinky today.

How can I date someone with a face like that?
I know you're gonna dump me again
and I am gonna cry...

Cause you want a perfect girl
and I'm not what you expect
You want a perfect girl
and I look shitty today.

Maybe I should put some makeup
and find some crazy outfits
But I am very tired today
and I don't care if I'm not pretty.

Should be like these girls
Skinny and great all the time
I'm still wearing my slippers
and eat all the candies at home.

I should sleep more
and stop going out everyday
I should focus more
and stop complaining today...


sabella mohamad said...

bella pun suka lagu ni kak ! sepp sikit ! ^^

tenku butang said...

done follow..jom singgah sini lak.. n follow sekali yea.. =)

Akma Khaieri said...

bella : samela kite....hehe^0^

tenku butang : tq..follow juga..:)